N  A  T  U  R  A  L

NATURAL Wood · Slate · Rattan · Cork
Natural Series incepted four natural elements into the frame design.
Wood, Slate, Rattan and Cork, represent the earth, authentic materials they are crafted from, with the brand exclusive non-screw and no welding hinges.


Germany's latest engineer result, revolutionary slate technology with the surface layer of ultimate thin natural slate and high flexibility of the glass fiber composited together. Slate texture is unique in every single piece of frame.


Rattan is a kind of liana associated with the characteristics of its flexible woody stem, not only durable but also lightweight. It has a distinctive texture with variety colors and patterns when P+US incepted it into the frame design.


A creation from thin peel of wood with great hardness of stainless steel, and it was done by a high pressure lamination.

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